Stained Glass Sites & References

A few of my recommended sites: (in no particular order)

Studios in Australia who have performed work on one or more historic Ferguson & Urie stained glass windows.

Robert Rusev Stained Glass:

Rob is a former apprentice to Geoffrey Wallace and now a stained glass conservator and craftsman in his own right.

Geoffrey Wallace Stained Glass: Geoffrey Wallace, Caulfield, Victoria.[♦Windows] 

Geoff publishes his eMagazine the Stained Glass Observer which you can download from his web site here: GWSG eMagazine

Almond Glass: Bruce Hutton, Oakleigh, Victoria. [♦Windows]

Original Stained Glass: Gavin Merrington, Hobart, Tasmania. [♦Windows]

Cummins & Stehn: Gerry Cummins & Jill Stehn, Eumundi, Queensland.

Glass Craftsman: Wesley Vine, Blackburn Nth, Victoria. [♦Windows]

Glenn Mack Studio: Glenn Mack, Daylesford, Victoria. [♦Windows]

Pater Leadlights: Michael Pater, Beaconsfield, Victoria. [♦Windows]

Some Reference Sites:

The King James Bible is the primary reference to the biblical depictions seen in the windows by Ferguson & Urie which appear in Anglican/CofE and Presbyterian Churches in the late 1800’s.

Stained Glass Australia: (by Ray)

Stained Glass Australia Flickr photo stream: (by Ray)

The Ferguson & Urie Flickr photo stream: (by Ray).

John Orval Stained Glass.

Gordon Plumb: Gordon Plumb’s UK Flickr Stained Glass Photo Stream.

TheRevSteve: The Reverend Steve Day’s UK Flickr Stained Glass Photo Stream.

Scotland’s Stained Glass

Illustrated Stained Glass Dictionary

Harry Clarke: Ireland’s Artistic Genius Unravel some of the mystery and the meanings behind the symbols depicted in the windows. Another great resource on symbolism.

The Stained Glass Museum


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