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Archive of Updates & Latest news for 2012.


♦ Updated post 10-03-1883: St John’s Church, Ballan, Victoria. Added a photo of the O’Cock memorial at the Ballan Cemetery.


♦ Added two additional photos to the post for St Giles Presbyterian Church. Two photos depicting the five light west window and the Burning Bush window at the east end were taken by Geoffrey Wallace in 2006 before the internal office space construction began and are included with kind permission from Geoff.


♦ Attended the Victorian Community History Awards at the National Gallery today. Surprisingly, this web site, “Ferguson & Urie: Colonial Victoria’s Historical Stained Glass Craftsmen 1853-1899” was shortlisted for the Multimedia History category (see award). Over 160 entries in total were submitted to this years awards so I was quite surprised to be standing there as one of five contenders for the Multimedia award. No first prize obviously but a commendation  See links for awards booklet and entries list on the History Victoria Web Site.


♦ Visited the church at the Good Shepherd convent at Abbotsford today with Noelle Nathan and Bronwyn Hughes and the missus (Jeanette). There’s some interesting Ferguson & Urie windows there but I don’t have any news articles of the time to include the windows in an article on the site yet. I’ve also updated post 10-09-1862: The Congregational Church, Victoria St, East Melbourne. Just by chance I found this church open on the way home from Abbotsford today (it’s now St Nicholas Syrian Orthodox). The guys from Wesley Vine stained Glass were there installing a new window at the east end and so I managed to get some reasonable shots of the Ferguson & Urie triple light west window.


♦ Updated post 03-09-1879: Presbyterian Union Memorial Church, Curzon Street, North Melbourne. Three photos have been sent to me by Alan Wilkinson of the stained glass window in the church by Ferguson & Urie. The photos are attributed to Adam Cawood with permission from the Congregation of Mark the Evangelist. The photos were taken for the Sesquicentenary in 2004. Thanks to Alan & Adam for their contribution to my research.


♦ I spent the last four days in Hobart, Tasmania on the stained glass pilgrimage and to attend the All Saints Church fund raiser event on Friday evening, the 10th and the media event on Monday the 13th. Had an awesome time thanks to Gavin Merrington who is Tasmania’s stained glass restoration and conservation expert. The media event went well with a number of TV stations and newspapers there for a story. You can see the ABC’s short news article online where Gavin and I get our mugs on TV for a few seconds <here>.


♦ Updated post 1885: The Linay Pavilion, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne. I found that the benefactor ‘John Linay’ mentioned as a “wealthy Prahran timber merchant” in the Heritage Council draft report from 2011 is the wrong person. The real benefactor was an obscure very private man named John Linlay who was an accountant/clerk with the Victoria Insurance Company. By all accounts it seems he was just a simple man who invested wisely, never married (that would have saved him a fortune to start with!), and probably still had the first penny he ever earnt. See the post for the while story.


♦ Updated post 20-10-1885 about the William Stammers Button window at Christ Church (City Baptist) at Launceston. Although the window itself does not mention W. S. Button on the window itself I found another article that describes the window and have added that to the post.


♦ I’ve started another web site on the subject of Australia’s Historical Stained Glass with the same theme as this Ferguson & Urie site. The new site will contain articles and photos I have taken in my travels of the windows by other significant artists and studios. See: http://stainedglassaustralia.wordpress.com/


♦ Updated post 20-10-1885: Christ Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston, Tasmania. Gavin Merrington is doing restoration work on some William Montgomery Windows in Launceston and graciously found the time to visit Christ Church (now City Baptist) to get some shots of the William Stammers Button window.


♦ Updated post 20-10-1885. The universities Obituaries Australia has finally included the transcription of the obituary for William Stammers Button so I’ve removed my transcription and added a link to theirs on my post.


♦ Updated post  14-11-1885: Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ross, Tasmania. Additional info added about the text on the windows, plus Latin translation etc, plus extended meanings gleaned from the bible verses (King James).


♦ Updated  post 19-08-1870 about the Immaculate Conception Church, Hawthorn. Added additional information:
“Michael Lynch was the builder of Grace Park House in Hawthorn. In the 1860s he donated the land on the corner of Burwood road and Glenferrie road to the Catholic Church for the purpose of constructing the Immaculate Conception church. Inside the church are two memorials to the family, a small plaque the front of the church and the stained glass window “The Flight into Egypt” on the left as you go in the main entrance”.


♦ Added extra detail to the post about the Ferguson & Urie building in Collins Street being the very first building in Melbourne to be made of “Hydraulic Freestone”.
See post: 28-08-1884 An article published in the Argus on the 20th April 1884 clearly indicates that the architect, T. J. Crouch, on behalf of Ferguson & Urie won an appeal against the use of the material to construct the Ferguson & Urie building.


♦ Updated the post about the James George Beaney window: 30-01-1879: Melbourne Hospital, West wing, 1879. The Beaney window was found and photographed by Laurel Clark, Librarian and Historian at International House, University of Melbourne on the 18th May 2012.The window is now located at the Monash Medical Centre in Clayton, Victoria.


♦ Spent the afternoon in historic South Melbourne this afternoon (known as ‘Emerald Hill’ in the late 1880’s) at the National Trust ‘Sights and Sounds’ tour. Three of South Melbourne’s historical churches, St Luke’s, St Paul the Apostle, and St Peter & St Paul (the infamous father Bob MaGuire’s Church) were included in the tour. Only St Luke’s church has a Ferguson & Urie stained glass window. Stained Glass historian Dr. Bronwyn Hughes introduced me to Gavin Merrington from Tasmania who does historical restoration work there as well as his own original work. We had some fascinating discussions which I hope will continue via email later.


♦ Updated the post 1838: St Peter’s Church of England, Hamilton, Tasmania. I had found an original  design for the centre portion of the window amongst the stained glass artist David Relph Drape’s collection of designs at the State Library of Victoria. I photo of the sketch and a comparison with the sketch and the actual window have been added to the slideshow of the photos.


♦ The milestone of over 260 articles and nearly one thousand images has been published since I started the site in early Feb 2012 (less than three months).

This completes phase one of my collection of research articles I’ve collected and transcribed from the National Library’s Historic Newspaper Collections from the year 1853. This also includes all the images from my family history collections, photos from my travels, historical articles, and also images graciously contributed by my relatives far and wide in Australia and from New Zealand and also those of the James Urie family line, especially Mrs Noelle Nathan. Special mention must also go to the stained glass studios of Geoffrey Wallace and Bruce Hutton of Almond Glass who have performed some of the magnificent restoration work over the years on many Ferguson & Urie stained glass windows throughout Victoria, and who have also contributed some fantastic photos and information to this project.


♦ Added a photo of Ferguson & Urie employee John Scott to post 03-06-1915

♦ Updated post 23-07-1890: (James Urie, principal partner in the firm Ferguson & Urie dies). Included summary information about his life.


♦ Updated post 26-10-1895: ‘Waterdale’, 56 Chapman Street, North Melbourne. Additional information has been added about the owner of Waterdale, William Leeming.


♦ Updated post 30-12-1893: St Georges Church Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia. I’ve added some significant extra detail about the subject of the memorial window, Charles Cheney Simpson.


♦ Updated post 05-01-1889: St John’s Anglican Church, Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. Extra detail has been added about the subjects of Knight & Lydiard memorial windows.


♦ Updated post 26-06-1868: St. John’s Church, Toorak, Melbourne, Victoria. In 1984 Australia Post issued a prepaid Aerogram envelope for Christmas that depicted the Nativity scene from the East window of St. John’s Church, Toorak, Victoria. I obtained a mint one of these from a collector in 2010 and has been included in the modified post.


♦ Updated post 08-03-1879 about St John’s Church, Williamstown, Victoria. I revisited the church this morning and was lucky to find it open to get some photos which I’ve attached to the existing slideshow on the post.


♦ Updated post 07-11-1889 about “The Ross Portable Fire Escape” demonstration. I found the detail about Thomas Ross the inventor and a copy of the US Patent for the device.


♦ Updated post 30-01-1857 (David Ferguson returns to Scotland) to give a bit more perspective to the Ayrshire roots and where it all started from.


♦ This morning I picked up Neil Robinson, who arrived from Auckland on Sunday night to attend the 2012 Track Cycling Championships here in Melbourne this week. Our first stop was into the city to see the Alfred Hospital windows in the Linlay Pavillion. Fortunately, being a weekday, the hallway leading to the chapel was open and I managed to get some better photos of some windows and also discovered that there were a further five windows in the chapel room, so Neil and I saw those windows for the first time. The 1885 post about the Linlay Pavillion has now been updated to include the new photos and a transcription of the brass plaque on the wall.


♦ Ok, this is off beat but I think it is extremely relevant. “Whelan the Wrecker” was probably the most reviled DEMOLITION company during the 1950-1970’s period amongst the architectural historians. It’s a company that has been going for over 100 years and if diligent company records existed there would be some great history. See: http://www.whelanthewrecker.com.au/index.html Unfortunately at this stage there is nothing on their website that eludes to any historical information.


♦ Over 160 articles posted so far! I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. About 4 1/2 years of research is a lot to organise and upload in a matter of weeks but this is only two thirds of the news articles so far. After that comes all the other magnificent stained glass windows that were never written about in the old newspapers so realistically I’m probably only a quarter of the way through my archives. In contrast, my ancestors did similar family history research things using snail mail over a 25 year period to amass the same amount of information as I’ve done in the last 4 and a half years. The internet has been brilliant and a significant amount of computer knowledge helps too! Two things have been going on in parallel, which is the over 5,000 person branch of my family trees, and at the same time the Ferguson & Urie project. Almost time for a holiday again I think! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to date. There is still more to go and more to discover. Enjoy!


♦ Updated post 21-09-1878 about St Phillips Collingwood. The windows from the church (demolished 1968) were re-installed in the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement Chapel. Photos of the windows courtesy of Mrs Noelle Nathan taken 06/04/2012.


♦ Updated post 30-01-1879 about the Melbourne Hospital to include inline images of the Hospital in Swanston Street and George James Beaney http://wp.me/p28nLD-ss


♦  Just happened to walk past ‘Darling Terraces’ in Drumond Street Carlton today so took a couple of pics and added them to this post that mentions them: http://wp.me/p28nLD-rt


♦ Updated post 21-11-1873 to include an obituary article about George Ormerod who was the subject of the memorial window. http://wp.me/p28nLD-lr


♦ Added two extra photos to the slideshow for St Mary of the Angels Geelong, An internal nave photo looking up at the west window and another external photo. http://wp.me/p28nLD-hh.

♦ Removed the photos from the post regards St Patrick’s Lilydale – they were the wrong window and were actually from the Uniting Church Lilydale which I don’t have any articles or evidence for yet. http://wp.me/p28nLD-fW


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