The 50th – John & Noelle Nathan

Noelle & John Nathan celebrated their magnificent 50th Wedding Anniversary at the Ranelagh Club, Mt Eliza, Victoria, on Saturday 11th May 2013.

Noelle & John were married on the 9th of May 1963, on the same day as John’s birthday (9th May 1931).

Slideshow photos:

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Geoffrey ‘John’ Nathan was a Great Grandson of James Urie (1828-1890) of the Colonial Victorian Stained Glass firm Ferguson & Urie.

John passed away on the 28th June 2013, just over a month after the anniversary.

‘Vale’ Geoffrey ‘John’ Nathan 1931-2013.


2 comments on “The 50th – John & Noelle Nathan

    • noelle thanks for sending the anniversary photos but as yet we are unable to get the sound but will keep trying but the photos are lovely

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