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Note: I am more than pleased to hear from you if you find something on my site of particular interest to you, whether it be from a family history perspective related to my stained glass research, or just a genuine inquiry about a window or the company history. But…. I have a dim view of ‘spammers’ and all other similar nuisances who intend to send me garbage. And, No….I don’t need ‘Viagra’! If I make it to 99 years of age I may need a hand to tie my shoe-laces, BUT THAT’S ALL :-)
So, please be considerate of my interest in this research topic and only respond if you have a legitimate inquiry or information you would like to share or clarify. You also have the opportunity to use the ‘Reply’ option at the bottom of any of the individual articles to provide a comment or question about that particular article.

I also do not own a church or have any historical church baptism or marriage records. I’m not even affiliated with any church. My interest is purely in Australian Stained Glass windows and their history.

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