22-08-1896: James ‘Jim’ Urie (1870-1896)

James ‘Jim’ Urie Junior, son of the late James Urie (1828-1890) of the stained glass firm, Ferguson & Urie, died of Tuberculosis on the 22nd August 1896.

North Melbourne Courier and West Melbourne Advertiser, Vic, Friday 28th August 1896, page 2.

“DEATH OF MR. JAMES URIE.- The above gentleman died on the 22nd, at his mother’s residence, “Glencairn,” Wellington-street, Kensington, of consumption, after an illness of about twelve months’ duration. The funeral took place on Monday, and was largely attended. The Rev. Mr. Taylor, Presbyterian Minister, of Flemington, officiated; and the bearers of the coffin were the deceased’s fellow employes – Messrs. J. Scott, C. Hardess, F. L. [sic] Lording, J. Murdoch, J. Auld, and E. R. King; the pall-bearers being J. Ferguson, A. Young, P. Gunter, D. McPhail, A. Nathan, and J. M. Gilligan. Mr Urie was only 26 years of age at the time of his death; and was generally liked owing to his kind and urbane disposition. Amongst the many floral tributes was a beautiful one sent by the employes of the firm of Ferguson and Urie. By a strange coincidence Mr. Urie’s uncle, Mr. J. Yeaman, died the same day, at his residence, which adjoined that of his nephew, and was also buried on Monday. Mr. Yeaman was 68 years of age. Great sympathy is felt on all hands for Mrs. Urie and the other members of the bereaved family. Mr. Alfred Allison, of Victoria-street, West Melbourne, carried out the funeral arrangements”.

James ‘Jim’ Urie 1870-1896 -A

James ‘Jim’ Urie 1828-1896 -B

James ‘Jim’ Urie and his uncle John Yeaman both died of  Tuberculosis, coincidentally, on the same day. They both lived in close proximity to each other and it was a highly infectious disease. The coincidence is that they both happened to die on the same day. His uncle mentioned as ‘John Yeaman’ also accompanied William Urie (Jim’s elder brother) to England in March 1888 as described at The 1888 Ferguson and Urie Company Dinner.

Other names mentioned at the funeral:

F. L. Lording –  One of the pall bearers mentioned was Frank Clifford Lording (1860-1944), not ”F. L. Lording” as described in the article.

J. Scott – John Scott (1850-1915)

C. Hardess – Charles William Hardess (1859-1949)

J. Auld – James Auld (1873-1945). Grandson of James Ferguson Snr (1818-1894).
James Auld left Australia for New Zealand c.1898 and later formed the partnership of “Auld & Gleeson” glaziers in Wellington. Prior to this article, it was only a theory that he gained his skills in the glass trade with his grandfather James Ferguson at ‘Ferguson & Urie’.

J. Ferguson – James Ferguson jnr (1860-1945) son of James Ferguson Snr (1818-1894).

A. Young – Alexander Lumsden Young (1833-1889)?

P. Gunter – Unknown

D. McPhail – Possibly Donald McPhail 1856-1926, son in law of James Urie Snr (1828-1890). Mcphail is not (yet) known to have been an employee.

A. Nathan – Alfred Lewis Nathan (1867-1939), son in law of James Urie Snr (1828-1890). Nathan is not (yet) known to have been an employee.

J. M. Gilligan – No detail known (photo appears as an employee in the 1887 Ferguson & Urie Company dinner poster).

References / Links:

The 1887 Ferguson & Urie Company Dinner

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3 comments on “22-08-1896: James ‘Jim’ Urie (1870-1896)

  1. I thoroughly agree Neil. I suspected from earlier family tree research that James Auld must have had some connection to the Ferguson & Urie stained glass company. I thought it was just too much of a ‘coincidence’ that he went to NZ and eventually formed ‘Auld & Gleeson’ in the glazing & lead light trade. If the reasonable assumptions are made, he would have been apprenticed at age 15 and so may have been with the firm in a ten year period between 1888-1898. He would have been about 15 when apprenticed and would have known his grandfather for a good six years as an apprentice (apart from knowing him from birth).

  2. Just another note Ray.I think he knew that the end was in sight for the Firm(1899) and decided to move to NZ to see what opportunities there were in Kiwi land.
    He must have learnt plenty as he and Pat Gleeson ran a very sucessfull Parternership in the latter years.

  3. That is great news to hear Ray.He was 25yrs of age when he left Aus for NZ so it appears he had the time to do an apprentiship at Ferg & Urie.It is unusual that Stella didn’t have this info.Mind you those days i don’t think they talked much about their business or other things to the family,very private the oldies were.Thanks for that.Neil robbie.

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