21-08-1876: St Martin’s Church, Muskerry, Victoria.

St Martin’s Catholic Church, known as St Martin of Tours,  is located at Muskerry, about 30km North East of Bendigo and 7km South East of Goornong in western Victoria. The foundation stone was laid by the Rev. Dr. Crane the Catholic Bishop of Sandhurst (Bendigo) on the 19th September 1875 [1], and less than a year later the church was consecrated by Rev. Crane on the 20th August 1876 [2]. All the glazing and stained glass was supplied by Ferguson & Urie of North Melbourne.

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any remaining Ferguson & Urie windows in St Martins as they have all been replaced over the course of more than a century with stained glass by artists such as Auguste Fischer (the O’Keefe windows c.1905), and William Montgomery, and the simpler nave windows most likely by E. L. Yencken & Co [3]

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Photos by Ray Brown: Updated 20190208

Bendigo Advertiser, Vic, Monday 21st August 1876, page 3.


“The ceremony above referred to took place yesterday, and, the weather being fine, many of our citizens availed themselves of this as an excuse for taking a trip in the country, while adding éclat to an event of no everyday occurrence in the neighbourhood of the Campaspe…”

“…Acting on the Dean’s suggestions, a committee was formed and an active canvass undertaken, and some twenty months since the foundations of the new church were laid (on the 19th September, 1875). The site – a magnificent one, well elevated, situated about a half-a-mile from the Clare Inn, and about three acres in extent – was generously given, free of all cost, by Mr. Ed Cahill. On the day of the laying of the foundation £104 was collected, and this amount, in conjunction with the free site, encouraged the committee to erect St Martin’s Church, at a cost of £1,480 7s 1d. The building has, at present, a debt amounting to about 947, which, by yesterday’s collection, was reduced by close on £160….”

“There are circular windows in each gable of ground and stained glass, and all the other windows are glazed with the same material, supplied by Messrs Fergusson [sic] and Urie, of Melbourne…”

“Great credit is due to the several contractors for the admirable manner in which they have completed their contracts from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. J. M. Brady, the architect, of Pall Mall, Sandhurst. The service of consecration was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Crane, Roman Cathlilic Bishop, assisted by the Very Rev. Dean Backhaus and Dr. Revell…”


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