10-03-1883: St John’s Church, Ballan, Victoria.

The Bacchus Marsh Express, Vic, Saturday 10th March 1883, page 3.



“THE stained glass window in memory of the late Mrs. Ocock has been put in St. John’s church. It is small but very handsome. It represents on one side the figure of the Good Shepherd, holding a lamb in his arms, and on the other, the figure of St. John the Evanjelist. The inscription under the former is “I am the Good Shepherd,” and under the latter “Little children love one another,” and below these “In memoriam, Rebecca Ocock, died 23rd August 1882.” The whole is most tasteful and handsome, and is executed in Ferguson & Urie’s well known style. The window was presented by the relations and connections of the deceased lady”.

Photos dated: 10th April 2011.

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St John’s Anglican Church is located in Simpson Street Ballan. Tenders for the erection of the Leonard Terry designed church were advertised in March 1860 [1] . Mrs Juliet Vivian Lyon (nee Anderson) laid the foundation stone in 1861 and the church was completed in early 1862 [2]. In March 1883 Ferguson & Urie erected a two light memorial window to the memory of Rebecca Mary Ocock [3] who died at Ballan on the 23rd of August 1882 in her 79th year. She was the wife of well known[4] and respected Ballan Solicitor Richard Ocock who died eleven months after her at Bungeeltap-house, on the 10th of July 1883 aged 79 [5]. They are both buried in the Ballan cemetery. The stained glass window depicts Christ as the Good Shepherd in the left light and St John in the other.

Note: Elizabeth, daughter of Rebecca Mary & Richard O’Cock, married Ballan Councillor Dougald MacPherson and she co-donated the liturgical west stained glass window of St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Ballan , also created by Ferguson & Urie c.1866. See: 28-07-1866: St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Ballan, Victoria.



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