15-07-1862: Mr Robson’s Shop, Ballarat, Victoria.

The Star, Ballarat, VIC, Tuesday 15th July 1862, page 2.

“In the window of Mr Robson, the painter and decorator, Sturt street, is a stained glass centrepiece of a window, the subject being the Crucifixion. The picture is best seen from inside the shop, and worth looking at. The colouring is clear and brilliant, and the shading well managed. Messrs Ferguson and Co., of Melbourne, are the producers of the work.”

Nothing further is known as to where this window may have been eventually erected, if at all. Although there are other windows in the Ballarat area by Ferguson & Urie, there is not enough information to place this feeble description to any particular window known in that region for the date period.

Thomas Robson was well known as the Ballarat agent for Ferguson & Urie Stained Glass and instrumental in the commissioning of the chancel window for St Paul’s Church in Bakery Hill, Ballarat.

In January 1867 Robson was declared insolvent due to losses by fire and bad debts.

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