13-05-1885: St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sale, Gippsland, Victoria

The Edward Crooke stained glass memorial window at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Sale, Victoria.

Edward Crooke was born in Liverpool, Lancashire in 1810 and arrived in Sydney in 1837. In the 1840’s he ran cattle and sheep in the Holey Plains area near Rosedale in Gippsland. He married Maria Matilda Jamison in 1860 and moved to Melbourne with his family in 1870. His son E.J. Crook later took over the Holey Plains station. Edward Crook died at his home “Rockley” in South Yarra on the 7th November 1873 and in 1885 his wife Maria initiated the erection of a stained glass memorial to him in the chancel of St Paul’s Church of England in Sale, Gippsland. The window was created by Ferguson & Urie and was erected in September 1886 beside the Dr. Floyd Minter Peck window that Ferguson & Urie had created two decades earlier in 1867.

Photos dated: 23 April 2011.

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The left light in the group of three is the Edward Crooke memorial window described in the articles below. The centre light is a memorial to Dr. Floyd Minter Peck which was also created by Ferguson & Urie some twenty years earlier in 1867 and originally installed in the previous church building. The right light, ‘Good Shepherd’, window was made by William Montgomery, Melbourne; “The right hand light was by William Montgomery c.1888.  It was one of the first group he made for the Anglicans after he arrived in Melbourne in December 1886”.- (Dr. Bronwyn Hughes, Stained Glass Historian, email, 25 Sept 2012).

Gippsland Times, Vic, Wednesday 13th May 1885, page 3.

“Our readers will no doubt remember that when the Church of England in Cunningham-street was built, the stained glass window that had been put in the old church to the memory of the late Dr. Peck was removed and placed in the central light in the chancel of the new church. We are now pleased to learn that Mrs Crooke, of Holey Plains, is about to fill one of the side lights with a similar window in memory of the late Mr Crooke. The subject chosen will be one that will harmonise with the present window, and will greatly improve that end of the church. It will, however, to complete it, need the other side light filling, and perhaps some member of the church will consider the propriety of doing this. We are sure that no more suitable memorial of departed friends than one of this kind can be found.”

Gippsland Times, Vic, Monday 20th September 1886, page 3.

“In our columns some months ago we mentioned that Mrs Crooke, of Holey Plain, had intimated her intention of putting a stained glass window in St. Paul’s, in memory of her late husband. This has been done, and a rich and beautiful work now adorns the left opening of the chancel window. The central panel is a life-size figure representing the Saviour as the Light of the World. The outer flowing robe around the body is of rich antique ruby, the folds fall gracefully round, while the inner garment has a cream-like tinge. Over the head there is a canopy of blue. Under the figure are the words, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” In the top panel appears the sacred monogram I.H.S., surrounded by a Crown. On the lower panel there is a medallion exhibiting a lamb with a banner and cross, and on either side are the words “Agnus Dei.” We need scarcely say that the window was very much admired by the congregation yesterday. The third light should now be filled in, and then the large window at the eastern end would be complete. Perhaps the good example set by Mrs Crooke will be followed by some other members of he community. The work was done by Messrs Fergusson [sic] and Urie, of Melbourne.”

Gippsland Times, Vic, Wednesday 2nd February 1887, page 3.


“The yearly meeting of the congregation of St. Paul’s Church of England was held in the old church building on Monday evening. There was a moderate attendance, and the Rev. Canon Watson occupied the chair. The following report was read:-…”

“…The board are glad to report that during the year a very handsome stained glass window was placed in the chancel by Mrs Crooke, of Holey Plain, to the memory of her late husband…”

Gippsland Times, Vic, Tuesday 11th November 1873, page 3.

“CROOKE.- On the 7th inst., at Rockley, Toorak, Edward Crooke, of Holey Plain, Gippsland.”

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