17-05-1865: Kings Shop, Pall Mall, Bendigo, Victoria.

Bendigo Advertiser, Vic, Wednesday 17th May 1865, page 2.

“COLONIAL GLASS PAINTING.- In the shop of Mr King, Pall Mall, is to be seen a very handsome specimen of glass painting, or glass staining as it is commonly termed. The work was executed by Messrs Ferguson and Urie, of North Melbourne, who have, we are informed, within the last twelve months brought the art of glass painting to a very high standard in the colony. Previous to that time, the greater portion of the stained glass windows for places of worship, was imported from Europe. Now, the manufacturers referred to are able to produce painted glass windows at the same prices at which they can be imported, and according to the opinion of connisseurs [sic] in the art, with as much taste and skill. The sample to be seen at Mr King’s warrants that opinion.”

King’s of Pall Mall Bendigo was a dealer of Paperhangings, Borderings, Varnishes and Oil and Lamp merchant. In 1864 his shop in the Bendigo Pall Mall area was described as wooden and was saved from being burnt down in a fire that started in the early hours of 9th May 1864. Nothing further is known about the stained glass window created by Ferguson & Urie described as being on display in King’s shop in Pall Mall in May 1865.

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