09-08-1881: Christ Church, South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia.

 The Argus, Melbourne, Tuesday 9th August 1881, page 5

“An effort is being made by the vestry of Christ Church, South Yarra, to take advantage of the present renovation of the church to place a stained glass window in the south transept, as a tribute to the memory of the late Mr. Justice Fellows, and we are requested to draw attention to the advertisement, which appears in another column, inviting subscriptions. We understand that the window to be replaced is not one interfered with by the alterations now in progress, but the vestry consider the present a very fitting opportunity for carrying their praiseworthy object into effect”.

Photos dated: 25th March 2012.

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The memorial stained glass window in Christ Church, South Yarra was created by Ferguson & Urie.

Justice Thomas Howard Fellows died at Queenscliff on the 8th April 1878. He had also donated the chancel window and the twelve apostle windows in the nave for St George’s Church in Queenscliff.

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YouTube: My basic 360 degree internal view of Christ Church taken with an iPhone 3GS.

External links:

Biography: Thomas Howard Fellows (1822-1878)

Obituary: Justice Fellows. The Argus, 9th April 1878, page 5


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