13-08-1867: St Peter & St Paul, Geelong, Victoria.

In the later half of 1867 James Urie of the stained glass firm ‘Ferguson & Urie’ of North Melbourne traveled to Tasmania to further expose the business throughout the Colonies. The Hobart Mercury provided detailed reports of his travels as well as mentioning  some of the establishments the company had gained commissions for, or those they had recently completed. One of those mentioned was the church of St Peter & St Paul in Geelong.

The foundation stone of the church was laid by Bishop Goold on the 17th January 1864 and was designed by architect William Wardell in the 13th Century Gothic form. The superintending architect was  J. A. Denny and the contractor was a Mr. Nash, of Geelong. The total cost of the construction exceeded £6000.

Photos taken 23rd August 2009.

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The three light window was erected as the principal east window in the chancel. The left light depicts St Peter with his crossed Keys to heaven. the centre light depicts Jesus in the act of the Ascension with the Holy Dove above and the right light depicts St Paul holding his book and sword and another symbol of the book below.

Freman’s Journal, Sydney, NSW, Saturday 21st July 1866, page 451.

“…The stained window of the altar was designed and executed by Messrs. Ferguson and Weir [sic] of North Melbourne, whose artistic talents have been successfully deployed in depicting not only a work of art, but one also befitting the dedication of the edifice. The window is the history: the ecclesiastical symbols, combined with the figures of the saints, are in severe taste, and the adjuncts in selection consistent. The coloring is cheerful yet sober, and the effect of that nature that shades come up reminding one of historic memories…”

“..Reverting to the stained window we may mention that it is a gift of the Very Rev. Dean Hayes, and we have ascertained that his munificence – not dwarfish on other occasions – has been exemplified in this instance by the outlay of £112…”

“The architect of this unique building is W. W. Wardell, Esq – the superintending architect, J. A. Denny, Esq and the contractor, Mr. Nash, of Geelong, to whom for promptitude and excellelence in workmanship every praise is due. The total cost of the erection exceeds £6000”.

“…The subdued light fell on the altar through the stained glass with just sufficient power to bring into relief the golden woven vestments of the celebrants…”

Unfortunately the images in the slideshow are from my earlier photographic attempts back in the days when I only had a pocket digital camera.

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