02-09-1861: Tarrengower Victoria. John Lamb Lyon stained glass.

The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 2nd September 1861, page 5.

“Amongst the contributions which Tarrengower will forward to the forthcoming Exhibition will be a stained-glass window, in the Early English style, the work of Mr. John Lyon, of Maldon”.

There is obviously insufficient detail in the article to distinguish the description of this window from many other windows described as of “Early English style” and there have been no other articles of the time to associate it by dates.  The only other extant window from the same period of late 1861,  is the Ferguson & Urie two light chancel window of St Margaret’s Church in Eltham which is the earliest known extant window by the firm with evidence of communication with Ferguson & Urie and the church in November 1861.

Lyon is not known to have joined Ferguson & Urie until late 1861, making this ‘Tarrengower’ window his own work, but collaboration is possible. If he had created the window completely of his own accord it could only have been done on a very small scale, assuming he did not have any commercial sized kiln for firing the glass in the tiny township of Maldon. Interestingly the exhibition list of awards published in December 1861, mentions Lyon’s entry as a ‘design for stained glass’ and not actually a window!

The English stained glass artist David Relph Drape is known to have been in Maldon at the exact same time as Lyon and they are both thought to have collaborated in the design and manufacture of the two light west window of the Holy Trinity church in Maldon in 1863. Drape was also the architect of Holy Trinity and commenced work with Ferguson & Urie as a stained glass artist on the 8th November 1863.

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2 comments on “02-09-1861: Tarrengower Victoria. John Lamb Lyon stained glass.

  1. See Tarrangower Times August 30 1861.This window is in Holy Trinity Church in Maldon. It is the West Window. Intalled 1863. Another window by John Lamb Lyon is in Presbyterian church Maldon

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the great tips! I have a fair bit of other information on the Holy Trinity window plus photos which I have not added to the site yet and I have a photo of a window from the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre (Former Uniting Church) that is a memorial to James and Janet Lyon (1896 & 1885), but it appears to have had a disastrous repair job done on the central figures sometime in the past though. The National Libraries “TROVE” has not included the Tarrangower Times and so I am not aware of the 1861 article you refer to. I’ll drop you a line via email and we can discuss further and I’ll send you some info on the Maldon windows I have.

      Many thanks for your contact. If you are a descendant of J. L. Lyon and interested in the stained glass then we might have some interesting discussions if you are interested.


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