18-10-1884: The Risby Memorial window, St George’s, Queenscliff, Victoria.

The stained glass window by Ferguson & Urie was erected  to the memory of the St George’s church choir member, Susanna  Lavinia Risby who died at the age of twenty seven on the 29th January 1884. The window was  installed in the west wall of St George’s Anglican Church in Queenscliff in early October 1884. It depicts Saint Cecilia, the patroness of musicians and Church music.

Between the year of the opening of the church in 1864 and the year 1892, all the windows of St George’s were fitted with stained glass window by Ferguson & Urie and a number of these were restored by Bruce Hutton of Almond Glass in 2005. In 1958 a vestry was added to the church and in 1995 two modern stained glass windows were placed in the vestry created by stained glass artist Derek Pearse.

Only the Risby memorial window is displayed here. See bottom of page for other related posts for St George’s stained glass. Photos were taken 25th September 2010.

Queenscliff Sentinel, Saturday 18th October 1884, page 1.

“A beautiful lancet-shaped stained glass light, from the factory of Messrs Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne, having for its centre figure St Cecilia, the patroness of church music, has this week been placed in the West end of St George’s Church, by her relatives in memory of the late Miss Risby, who was one of the members of the choir”.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Thursday 31 January 1884, page 1.

“THE remains of SUSANNAH LAVINIA RISBY, of Queenscliff, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Risby, will be interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery THIS DAY (THURSDAY), 31st January, 1884. The funeral will leave the Spencer-street railway station on the arrival of the 10 o’clock a.m. train from Geelong”.

Susannah was buried with her parents at the Melbourne General Cemetery but her name is not mentioned on the memorial stone.

The Queenscliff Sentinel, Saturday 2nd February 1884, page 2.

“We regret to record the death of a young lady, Miss Risby, who during her residence in our community has shown a quiet example of good works, especially in the choir and in the Sunday school of St. George’s Church. Her cheerful disposition and willingness to oblige made her a great favourite wherever she was known. Great men pass away and are missed; but humble workers, by their unselfishness and little deeds of kindness, help in their own way, to make the world happier and better to live in”.

The Queenscliff Sentinel, Saturday 2nd February 1884, page 2.


“I desire to return sincere thanks on behalf of myself and the late Miss S. Risby’s sisters, to the numerous kind friends on Queenscliff, who have during her long illness shown such constant,  unremitting attention in every way possible for a neighbour to do. To mention names would be invidious, nay, almost impossible, but the loving services will always be present to our minds in connection with the, to us, sad event, – to her the glorious change.

CHAS.  CURTIS. Neptune Cottage, Jan 30, 1884″.

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