26-10-1864: Wesleyan Church, Kent Town, South Australia.

There has only been a minor reference to Stained Glass windows made by Ferguson and Urie at the Wesleyan Church at  Kent Town, South Australia. The following articles and references aim to add context.

The South Australian Register, Adelaide, Wednesday 26th October 1864, page 5


“…The foundation-stone of a new church in connection with the Wesleyan body was laid on on Monday afternoon, October 10, at Kent Town…”

“…The Rev. Mr. Ironside having pronounced the stone duly laid, made a short address, in the course of which he observed that it was with great pleasure that he accepted the wish of the trustees of the new building to lay the foudnation stone  and said there was nothing which he had done since his connection with the province that he should look upon with greater gratification…”.

“…The design is transition gothic, lighted by six lancet windows on one side and five on the other, and by two small windows and one large tracery window in front. The former are so arranged that one-half of each window will open, but the latter is to be filled with stained glass…”

The South Australian Register, Adelaide, Saturday 26th August 1865, page 6.

“The services in connection with the opening of the Kent Town Wesleyan Jubilee Church were continued on Thursday, August 10…”

The Mercury, Hobart Tasmania, Tuesday 13th August 1867, page 5.

The actual article that mentions Ferguson & Urie was in the Hobart Mercury that had a detailed account of James Urie’s business  trip around Tasmania and the article mentioned many locations that Ferguson & Urie had completed commissions for stained glass windows including:  …the Wesleyan Churches at Daylesford and Kent Town (S. Australia).”

Photos from the Wesleyan Church, Kent Town,  kindly contributed by Mrs Dianne Tucker via Mrs Noelle Nathan, 28th Apr 2012.

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