13-08-1872: Wesleyan Church, Golden Square, Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria.

The Wesleyan Church (now Uniting), at 19 Panton Street, Golden Square in Bendigo, has a large a large five light Ferguson & Urie window above the main entrance. No specific news articles of the time have been found making any reference to the church windows. The east window is a typical Ferguson & Urie grisaille design and has scroll & ribbon designs in the centre and outer lights with the following text in each. ENTER INTO HIS GATES WITH THANKS GIVING, REMEMBER THE SABBATH TO KEEP IT HOLY, GODLINESS IS PROFITABLE UNTO ALL THINGS

Photos were taken 27th August 2010. (using a compact Pentax Optio S10)

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Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, Melbourne, Tuesday 13th August 1872, page 174.


This church, now in course of erection, is from designs by Messrs. Crouch and Wilson of Melbourne. […] A portion of the design was erected about two years since; the remainder now in hand is to be completed early next year”.

The foundation stone of the Uniting (former Wesleyan) church in Golden Square was laid on the 5th of January 1870 and the first section was opened on 11th May 1870. Further additions were made in 1872 and the building completed in early 1873. In the gable of the east main entrance is a cement plaque reading ‘Wesleyan Church AD 1872’.

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