04-07-1901: The sale of Ayr Cottage, Parkville, Melbourne.

James Ferguson indicated in his will that he wished his surviving children to retain ‘Ayr Cottage’ within the family but this was not to be the case. Only a year after his death it was sold on the 2nd of December 1895 to Edgar, Violet and Margaret Lockington who retained the house for a period of six years. On the 4th of July 1901 the household furniture and effects were auctioned and on the 13th of September 1901, the house was offered for auction and subsequently purchased by the Victorian Children’s Aid Society. The society had a long association with the house for over half a century. In 1966 it finally changed into the hands of International House, the University of Melbourne, who still own it as at 2013.

The photos in the slideshow depict James Ferguson’s ‘Ayr-Cottage’, in Leonard street Parkville, at five dates in its history, being the years 1888, 1901, 1963, 1966 and 2009.

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The Argus, Melbourne, Saturday 29th June 1901, page 2.

“THURSDAY, JULY 4. At Eleven O’Clock Forenoon. On the Premises,
AYR-COTTAGE, Corner Leonard-street and Sydney-road, PARKVILLE
(Brunswick Trams Pass the Property).
Mr PURVES is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, as above,
The whole of the excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and other effects, comprising magnificent upright Grand PIANOFORTE, by Schwechten, in beautiful walnut case; cedar sideboard, telescope dining table, chairs, and sofa, in leather and haircloth; chiffonier, chimney mirrors, plated articles, china, &c,; also the complete furnishings of six bedrooms, including iron bedsteads and bedding, wardrobes, toilet tables, washstands, chamber ware; handsome oak hall table and chairs, four artistic stained glass window screens, oil paintings, engravings, carpets, linoleums, roller mangle, kitchen furniture and utensils, ferns, pot plants, and a large quantity of miscellaneous articles, as per catalogue. On view the day before sale, from twelve to four. Inspection invited. Australian-buildings, 49 Elizabeth-street. Tel 1776”

Note: Nothing further is known about the “stained glass window screens” mentioned.

Additional references:

Register of the National Estate 22 June 1993, place ID 16875, File 2/11/033/0494

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