19-11-1886: Auction of the Curzon Street Cottages.

By the mid 1880’s James Ferguson & James Urie had built their substantial new homes in Parkville and Flemington and their humble cottages in Curzon street near their workshop were obviously no longer required.  James Urie’s cottage was at 28 Curzon Street and  James Ferguson’s at No 24 Curzon street. The company’s first business premises was situated in very close proximity to the two cottages and was diagonally opposite the Union Memorial Presbyterian Church in Curzon Street.

In todays terms (2018) the address is 42 Curzon Street and the majority of the facade of the original building still exists.

In November 1886 they placed their cottages in the hands of Barrett & Co Auctioneers.

The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 19th November 1886, page 3.In

“SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20. At Three O’Clock.

On the Premises, Little Curzon-street, Hotham. 2 BRICK COTTAGES. By Order of Messrs. Ferguson and Urie.

BARRETT and Co. will SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, as above, land having frontage of 55ft. to Little Curzon-street by a good depth, on which is erected two brick cottages, containing six rooms, outhouses, &c. Terms at sale.

The auctioneers would call special attention to this sale the property being well-built, near the omnibus and cab route, and within a few minutes’ walk of the city. Barrett and Co., auctioneers, corner of Queensberry and Abbotsford street, Hotham, and Racecourse-road, Newmarket”.

The partial municipal map below from 1878 shows the three key addresses in Curzon & Little Curzon street in North Melbourne.

Curzon St map [1878] [c1]

Curzon Street Municipal plans 1878

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