1993: St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Albury, New South Wales.

St Matthew’s Anglican Church in Albury originally contained many Ferguson & Urie stained glass windows as well as a five light east window by Lyon & Cottier of Sydney.

The church was destroyed by fire on Saturday 14th September 1991 and it was resolved, where possible, to re-create the windows based on photographs.

Ausglass Magazine, Dr Bronwyn Hughes, Editor, Monday 30th August 1993, page 5.

“… A total of ten windows, mainly in the transepts, were the work of Ferguson & Urie of Melbourne and were installed from about 1876. Mainly grisaille work with inset medallions and small scenes, as well as two nativity windows, they epitomise the Ferguson & Urie style which used strong blues and reds in borders, brown paint and silver stain in the vignettes. Most of these windows will not be replaced to resemble the originals as the photographic evidence is simply not good enough to allow satisfactory reproduction. New transept windows, which recreate the spirit of the former windows through grisaille and monograms, are being made by Mr Philip Handel who also has family connections with the firm Lyon & Cottier through his father, Alfred Handel”.

Mr Kevin Little reproduced other original Lyon & Cottier windows as well as the “Phoenix” window in the south transept which is an original design by Kevin and uniquely incorporates one of the small surviving Ferguson & Urie windows within the design.

Photos taken 9th March 2014.

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