16-12-1935: St. Andrew’s, Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 16th December 1935, page 4.

“The Pulpit – ST. ANDREW’S CHURCH TRANSFERRED. Opened on New Site at Box Hill”.

“With the original key which opened the old Gothic doors of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church at West Melbourne, the same doors were reopened on Saturday, when the church, which has been re-erected at White Horse road, Box Hill, was dedicated on its new site in the presence of nearly 1,000 people…”

“…The Apostle window, valued at £1,500, has been placed in the lower portion of the tower, visible within the church above a gallery. Flood-lighting will make it visible at night from the road…”

The Apostle window and all other windows in the Box Hill Church came from the former West Melbourne Church, all of which were made by Ferguson & Urie. The final service in the old West Melbourne Church was held on Sunday 3rd February 1935.

Note: Only images of the Apostle window are shown in this slide show. The photos were taken on the 28th November 2010. There was no access to the gallery for closeup shots and only portions of the windows could be taken from varying angles with a zoom lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see a slideshow of the entire cycle of windows at St Andrews Box Hill, see post:  27-04-1935

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