31-08-1855: James Urie marries Grace Hardie Young.

At North Melbourne, in 1855, the twenty two year old James Urie married eighteen year old Grace Hardy Young.

James arrived in Victoria in late April or early May of 1853 from Scotland and in partnership with James Ferguson (1818-1894) started the the ‘Ferguson & Urie’ company from premises in Curzon Street in North Melbourne.

The Argus, Melbourne, 12th September 1855, page 4.

“On the 31st ult, at Curzon-street, North Melbourne, by the Rev. William Millar, Mr. James Urie, formerly of Ayr Scotland, to Grace Hardie, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Benjamin Young, Clackmannan, Scotland”.

Based on historical dates and the assumption that they married in the Curzon street Presbyterian Church in North Melbourne, the church building would have been the first temporary prefabricated iron church in North Melbourne. The first permanent structure wasn’t constructed until 1859. In 1879 the current Union Memorial Presbyterian Church was built on the same site, opposite the Ferguson & Urie stained glass workshops. Unsurprisingly this church would later have stained glass by the firm erected in it that were made in the workshops on the opposite side of the street.

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