19-06-1923: Christ Church Yankalilla, South Australia.

The Register, Adelaide, Tuesday 19 June 1923, page 12.

Christ Church, Yankalilla, has now four stained glass windows, counting the Hudson Beare two lights as one. The last mentioned was the first placed in the church, and served as the east window for many years. It was given by Mrs. Brooks in memory of her father, Mr. Thomas Hudson Beare who came out in the Duke of York in 1836 as a second in command of the S.A. Company. In later life Hudson Beare took up land at Myponga, and died there on November ?, 1861, and was buried in the Methodist Chapel yard there, according to the rites of the Church of England. The service was read by the Rev. Astley Cooper. The window is in the Norman style, with geometrical tracing. The present east window was the work of Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne, and was given by William Gilbert, sen., as a thank offering for his recovery from illness when the chancel was built in 1879. The Archdeacon’s window was placed in the chancel in 1909. It is by Powell, of London, and depicts, St. Like, the Beloved Physician. The subject was chosen because the Archdeacon studied medicine as well as theology at Cambridge, and when there was no doctor nearer than Victor Harbour saved many lives by his medical skill and knowledge”.

 The only thing of relevance here is the current three light chancel window which was installed in 1879 and donated by William Gilbert Snr when the new chancel was built.


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