1915: John Scott (1850-1915)

The Argus, Melbourne, Thursday 3rd June 1915, page 1.

“SCOTT.- On the 1st June (suddenly), at 506 Doveton street, Ballarat, John Scott, husband of Agnes Scott, and for many years of the firm of Ferguson and Urie, glass merchants, North Melbourne. Native of Paisley, Scotland”.

John Scott (1850-1915) was apprenticed to the firm Ferguson & Urie circa 1866 at the age of 16. At the Ferguson & Urie company dinner held on the 9th April 1886, he was presented with a handsome diamond locket in appreciation of his 20 years of faithful service to the company and as farewell before his impending holiday to Europe.

“In making the presentation Mr. Young addressed a few words of good advice to the recipient, whom he strongly recommended to become a Benedict so that he could hand down the locket to his family as an heirloom”.

In James Urie’s address he stated: “Mr. Scott had come to them when a boy as an apprentice and had gradually worked himself up to be the right hand man in his department”.

At the 1886 dinner John Scott sang “Remember me Mr George Drury, when Jeff comes home today’ and “Bonnie Hills of Scotland”. At the company dinner the following year, held on the 22nd of June 1887, he again gave a rendition of “Bonnie Hills of Scotland”.

In John Scott’s last will and testament of 1915 there was no mention of the diamond locket. As at 10th April 2012 there is no evidence of descendants of John Scott.

John Scott, taken for Ferguson & Urie employee poster in June 1887

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