03-03-1888: St Andrew’s Church, Sydney Road, Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria.

The Presbyterian Church of Brunswick, now known as St Andrew’s, was the design of architect Evander McIver and was opened on the 2nd August 1885 (see entry for 14-08-1885). All of the stained glass in St Andrew’s was executed by the Ferguson & Urie Stained Glass Company of Curzon Street, North Melbourne.

In early 1888 Evander McIvor presented a stained glass window to the memory of his wife, Mary Louisa Buzaglo, second daughter of  William Frederick Buzaglo, secretary for the shire of Coburg. Mary died at the age of 37 on the 1st October 1887.

The North Melbourne Advertiser, Saturday 3rd March 1888, page 2.


 “The Presbyterian Church, Brunswick, has been enriched by a handsome memorial stained glass window, presented by Mr. Evander McIver. It is in three bays at the rear of the rostrum, the side bays in trefoils of pleasing floral designs, and the centre bay a three 3 light lancet window bearing the following inscription:- “In Sacred Memory of Mary Louisa Buzaglo, the beloved wife of Evander McIver – a dutiful daughter, and affectionate sister, a faithful friend, a devoted mother, a loving wife, a consistent Christian. Died 1st October, 1887”. The subjects illustrated are from the Life of Christ, the part above the inscription bearing the representation of The Lord’s Supper and extending over the three lights. The upper part of the central light represents Christ before Pilate. “Behold the Man!” and the side light with the subject, “Naked, and Ye Clothed Me,” and Mary anointing Jesus Feet. Each of these subjects are surmounted by a very rich antique canopy elaborately designed. The columns are rich blending and harmonizing with nice effect. The work has been executed by the well known firm of Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, and as a specimen of ecclesiastical art it is highly creditable. A new feature in this window is that is can be illuminated by gas at night, this having been effected by Messrs. Danks and Son, of Bourke street.”

Photos taken: 14th Nov 2010.T hese images are of the Mary Louisa Buzaglo memorial window, wife of the church architect, Evander McIvor.

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The Rose window and other Ferguson & Urie stained glass in St Andrew’s were restored by Wesley Vine Stained Glass studio c.2010.

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