29-10-1886: James Urie’s house in Wellington Street, Flemington

North Melbourne Advertiser, Vic, Friday 29th October 1886, page 4.

“… a fine balcony house (Glencairn) with patent white stone front (very effective), built by Cr. James Urie in Wellington street. A grand view can be obtained from here as the house stands on one of the highest points of the suburbs…”

Photo of James Urie’s Wellington street, Flemington house “Glencairn”. Possibly circa 1900. Photo from Roslyn Hyde, December 2011.

Note: The lower half of the ground floor windows clearly show that there was original stained glass but this no longer exists (2012).

‘Glencairn’, now known as St Brendan’s Presbytery, as seen in 2012.

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