25-06-1887: The 1887 Ferguson & Urie Employee Dinner.

The North Melbourne Advertiser, Saturday 25th June 1887, Page 3


The 1887 Employee dinner was probably one of the most significant occasions in the company history as there is some magnificent pictorial evidence. Two significant historical photos were discussed at the beginning of the dinner and copies of both still exist.

The first photo mentioned was the portrait of James Ferguson and James Urie together and the second one was a large poster collage of James Ferguson & James Urie in the centre surrounded by 29 photos of the employees of the time and the three business premises at Collins Street Melbourne, Curzon Street North Melbourne and Yarra Bank South (which burnt down on the 31st Jan 1888).

The full transcription of the evenings proceeds can be seen here: The 1887 Employee Dinner

The magnificent 1887 employee poster was kindly provided via Mrs. Noelle Nathan from the James Urie family line, 17th Apr 2011 and the James Ferguson & James Urie portrait is from my family history collections.

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