12-02-1881: St George’s Church, Queenscliff, Victoria.

The Australasian Sketcher, Melbourne, Saturday 12th February 1881, page 54.


“THE church of St. George, Queenscliff, was begun to be built at the end of 1862 through the energy of Dr. Williams, the recent Government health officer at Queenscliff. It was completed in 1863, and opened for divine worship in January, 1864, by the Rev. R. Cummins, of St. Paul’s, Ballarat […]”

“[…] The chancel window is of stained glass, and is illustrative of a portion of the Litany, each pane bearing underneath it the words of some appropriate quotation. It consists of 15 panes […]”

“[…] There are 12 stained glass windows dedicated to the Twelve Apostles, with suitable texts from the Epistles over each […].”

All the stained glass windows in St. Georges were made by Ferguson & Urie between 1864 and 1892. Two windows in the vestry built in 1958 has Derek Pearse windows installed in 1995.

The related posts links below show many of the Ferguson & Urie windows.

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