07-04-1882: St George’s Church, Queenscliff, Victoria.

Launceston Examiner, Tasmania, Friday 7th April 1882, page 3.

“A good story is told me of the late Judge Fellows. The deceased gentleman always took a warm interest in the Anglican Church at Queenscliff, and he sat there one Sunday listening to a long and prosy sermon. A gentleman sitting in a pew behind the great lawyer noted that His Honor was glancing round at the windows, after which he heard him mutter “Twelve, twelve, oh, twelve Apostles, by Jove!” Not long afterwards Mr. Fellows presented a dozen stained glass windows to the little church.”

Photos taken: 6th Jan 2012.

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Photos of the twelve Apostles are shown first, being: ST BARTHOLEMEW, ST THOMAS, ST JAMES THE LESS, ST PHILIP, ST SIMON, ST JUDE, ST ANDREW, ST JAMES THE ELDER, ST PAUL, ST PETER, ST JOHN, ST MATTHEW. Then photos of all the other Ferguson & Urie windows are shown.

The Church of England Messenger, 2nd December 1878, page 5.

QUEENSCLIFF,- The tablet in memory of the late Mr. Justice Fellows has, during the last week, been erected in St. George’s Church, Queenscliff, to the left of the pulpit, and over the seat he formerly occupied. Mr. Clement Nash, of Geelong, is the sculptor. The tablet is of white marble, with St. George’s Cross in the apex of the arch, and has a margin of black slate 1-in. in width, and bears the following inscription:- “In memory of Thomas Howard Fellows, born October 21st. 1822; died April 8th, 1878. If you seek his memorial, look around.” The letters are black and red, with the exception of the name, which is in gold. The cost of the tablet is about £40, and has been defrayed by subscriptions from inhabitants of Queenscliff and visiting members of the church.”

"In Memory of Thomas Howard Fellows Born 21st October 1822, Died 8th April 1878. If you seek his Memorial, Look around".

“In Memory of Thomas Howard Fellows Born 21st October 1822, Died 8th April 1878. If you seek his Memorial, Look around”.

Despite Justice Fellows donating the great east window and the Twelve Apostle windows in the nave of St George’s, there is no stained glass window in the church as a memorial to him.

In 1881 a window was erected in his memory in Christ Church South Yarra.

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Biography: Thomas Howard Fellows (1822-1878)

Obituary: Justice Fellows. The Argus, 9th April 1878, page 5

Conservation: The majority of the Ferguson & Urie windows at St George’s Church at Queenscliff were restored or have had conservation work by Bruce Hutton of Almond Glass between 2006-2012.

Below is my rudimentary YouTube video of St George’s windows taken with an iPhone 3GS on 6th January 2012.


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