07-05-1880: St. George’s Presbyterian Church, St. Kilda East, Victoria.

St George’s Presbyterian East St Kilda opened for divine service on Sunday 3rd October. This was the second opening of the church after extensions. It includes the burning bush window in the north transept. All other windows were also made by Ferguson & Urie.

The Argus, Melbourne, Friday 7th May 1880, page 5.

“The foundation-stone of the enlargement of St. George’s Presbyterian Church, St Kilda East, will be laid at 4 o’clock this afternoon by Sir James McCulloch, in presence of the moderator and other leading clergy of the General Assembly. This church is little more than three years old. Since the arrival from England of its first clergyman, the Rev. J.L. Rentoul, M.A., in June of last year, the building has become overcrowded, and it is now to be enlarged to twice its present size. The nave is to be extended, and chancel and transepts added. The organ chamber will be at the end of the south transept. The chancel will have a beautiful stained-glass memorial window, the gift of lady McCulloch.”

The Australasian Sketcher with Pen and Pencil, Melbourne, Saturday 23 October 1880, page 278.

“… All the windows are filled with stained glass by Ferguson & Urie, the principal windows being gifts from friends of the church…”
“…This church was commenced in 1877, the memorial stone being laid by Sir James McCulloch on 21st April in that year…”

A considerable number of the original Ferguson & Urie windows still exist in St George’s and these are all included in the slideshow.

Photos taken: 6th March 2011.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An interesting note:

The son of the Rev John Laurence Rentoul, John Noel Rentoul, married James Ferguson’s granddaughter, Elsie May Auld, in 1911.

RENTOUL Elsie May Auld - John Noel Rentoul 01a

RENTOUL:  Elsie May Auld &  John Noel Rentoul, married Melbourne 1911

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Biography: Sir James McCulloch (1819-1893)

Biography: Rev John Laurence Rentoul (1846-1926)


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