26-04-1879: St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Creek Street, Brisbane, Queensland.

In April 1879  Ferguson & Urie stained glass was represented in the Creek Street Presbyterian Church in Brisbane and was the gift of the Premier of Queensland, Sir Thomas McIllwraith (1835-1900).

In 1885 the Creek Street Presbyterian congregation were persuaded to sell their land to the Queensland National Bank for the sum of ₤18,750. As a result, the congregation acquired the Spring Hill property, which had been the site of the first Children’s Hospital. Much of the stonework from the demolished Creek Street Church was used in the new building as well as iron railings and gates, and the stained glass windows.

The foundation stone of the new church was laid at Spring Hill on the 8th of October 1887 and was dedicated in May 1889. The church is now known as St Paul’s, Spring Hill and still contains the original historic Ferguson & Urie windows which are now installed in pairs high up on the right and left above the chancel. The windows are arranged in pairs with the old testament characters ‘Isaiah’ & ‘Jeremiah’ on the left and ‘Ezekiel’ & ‘Daniel’ on the right.

Photos taken 01/03/2011.

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The Brisbane Courier, Queensland, Saturday 26th April 1879, page 5.

 “A HANDSOM donation in the shape of four stained glass windows, has recently been made by a member of he congregation of the Creek-street Presbyterian Church. The windows which have been placed in the southern end of the building over the pulpit contain representations of the four Major Prophets – Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel – the distinctive characteristics of each being beautifully illustrated, while the colors in each instance are so arranged as to have a very pleasing effect. The space in each window surrounding the design itself is filled in with an elegant geometric pattern, the whole being edged with a chaste bordering. In size the windows are each 12ft by 2ft, and are certainly on the whole the finest specimens of this branch of he art as yet to be seen in this city. The manufacturers are Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne, and their style in which they have turned out their work will compare favourably with that shown by the best English makers”.

Western Star and Roma Advertiser, Toowoomba, QLD, Monday 21st April 1879, page 2.

“Brisbane. [from our own correspondent] April 20.
The hon T. McIllwraith, Premier and Colonial Treasurer, has just presented a stained glass window to the Creek-street Presbyterian Church.”

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Biography: Sir Thomas McIllwraith (1835-1900)


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