08-03-1879: St John’s Church, Williamstown, Victoria.

Williamstown Chronicle, Saturday 8th March 1879, page 2.

“The stained glass window to the memory of the late Mr. J. Reid has been placed just opposite the family pew in St John’s Church. It is from the works of Messrs Ferguson & Urie and is a very handsome specimen of the art. We have been requested to state that donations promised and to be made can be paid to the Town Clerk, the mayor, or the Rev. Mr. Scott”.

The window described in the article no longer exists. There are a lot of original windows with plain yellow/amber  diamond quarries and single colour borders by Ferguson & Urie.

There are two small stained glass quatrefoils and a trefoil by Ferguson & Urie in the west and east ends.  At first glance the two quatrefoils above the main west windows look to be the typical Alpha and Omega symbols in rich purple, blue, ruby and yellow but on closer inspection the text symbols are actually “AD” and “1876” which is the year the church was constructed by Crouch & Wilson. The trefoil  window is above a single light near the stairs that lead to the organ loft at the east end.

Photos dated 20th Nov 2011 and 7th Apr 2012.

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(Post updated updated 7th Apr 2012)


One comment on “08-03-1879: St John’s Church, Williamstown, Victoria.

  1. Hi Ray,
    You are correct, that window is no longer in existence but the original diamond quarry glazing is by F&U as is the small circular window in the gable at the front. I can’t recall the theme of that window but remember it as quite attractive.


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