1879: Noorilim, Stanhope, Collbinabin & Dhurringile.

The four Victorian properties, Noorilim, Stanhope, Collbinabin & Dhurringile, were associated with the Winter-Irving family of pastoralists.

National Trust Register file B1357

Noorilim was designed by James Gall for former member of parliament William Winter-Irving in 1879. As at 4th Apr 2016 I think I can positively attribute Noorilim’s fanlight window over the main entry to Ferguson & Urie and there are a number of frosted/etched glass windows that may also be of Ferguson & Urie origin.

William Winter-Irving also owned the ‘Stanhope’, and ‘Colbinabbin’ homesteads in central Victoria. His brother James Winter (1834-1885) built ‘Dhurringile’ which is now part of a prison corrections facility. All the other homesteads had Ferguson & Urie stained glass. Stanhope was demolished after 1988. The Ferguson & Urie windows in Colbinabbin and Dhurringile homesteads still exist.


See my recent post: 1877 James Winter’s ‘Dhurringile’ Mansion, Murchison, Victoria.

The photos below for Dhurringile are courtesy of Mrs Noelle Nathan. (March 2011)

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Noorilim Web Site

Noorilim; 18 Nov 1975, J.T. Collins Collection, La Trobe Picture Collection, State Library of Victoria.



Colbinabbin Homestead (in-line image from Pinterest)


Australian Heritage Database, Place ID: 4478, File: 02/07/225/0001, Registered 21/03/1978

Stanhope Homestead was erected in 1867 for the Winter family who held giant tracks of land in this area. Parallels between Stanhope and other Winter homesteads are of great interest. The fine stained glass door surround incorporated the Winter family coat of arms. It was demolished sometime after 1981. Fate of the stained glass window is unknown, but it’s highly likely that they were created by Ferguson & Urie.

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