05-08-1878: Wesleyan Church, Balaclava, Melbourne, Victoria.

Illustrated Australian News, Melbourne, Monday 5th August 1878, page 139.

“WESLEYAN CHURCH, BALACLAVA. A very neat though small brick church has been erected upon a site at the corner of Chapel and Carlisle streets for he members of the Wesleyan Methodist church. […]

[…] the church was opened for divine service on the 23rd May, 1877. […]

“[…] The windows have been glazed with cathedral and ornamental stained glass by Ferguson and Urie.[…]”

The church contains many Ferguson & Urie stained glass windows. The nave windows comprise the typical stock lancets of plain diamond quarries and red and blue borders. The triple lights in the transepts contain the scroll design patterns.

In the North transept is a triple light window. The text on the scroll in the centre light reads:


In the South transept is a triple light window, the text on the scroll in the centre light reads:

(This window was restored by Armadale Glass – date unknown)

The west window has no text and is predominantly grisaille design with the red and blue borders but has the letters ‘IHS’ in a roundel in the centre light.

At the time of my visit to the church, 13 Nov 2011, the church was in the beginnings of compiling information for the church history book. At that stage nothing was known about the stained glass windows. I spoke in-depth with the elders who seemed most interested and gave them a copy of the company history. Nothing known since then.

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2 comments on “05-08-1878: Wesleyan Church, Balaclava, Melbourne, Victoria.

  1. Maureen Walker has written a book on this church in 2017, you could contact here via the St Kilda Historical Society

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