15-07-1876: St. Thomas’ Church, Port Lincoln, South Australia.

The South Australian Register, Saturday 15th July 1876, page 7.

“[…] Over the communion table in the chancel there are three lancet-headed splay windows fitted with stained glass, and on each side are very chaste tablets of the Commandments, chosen by the Dean of Melbourne, and supplied by Messrs. Ferguson & Urie, of Melbourne […]”.

“[…] The stained windows had been glazed by Mr. Soar, with glass supplied by Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, of Melbourne […]”.

Nothing further is known about the stained glass and decorations by Ferguson & Urie that were mentioned here at St Thomas’s or whether they still exist. The tablets or commandments were an offering by the company but rarely advertised. These were usually painted in gold or gold leaf with red and black text in old English type lettering. Originals of these decorations are extremely rare to find as they were often painted over or replicated as renovations occurred over the course of time. If there are any of their original stained glass border windows left it is highly likely that they would have looked like these examples below. These plain stained glass border designs were what I refer to as their “stock” windows which were a cheap mass offering by the company when the new church was not able to afford more expensive figurative stained glass windows. Variations existed according to price, but generally the central glass was plain and became more expensive if additions such as “Fleur De-Lis” or other patterns were used for the inner diamond quarries.


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