22-05-1874: Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Westbury, Tasmania

The Mercury, Hobart, Tasmania, Friday 22nd May 1874, page 2.


“The Nave is lighted by a magnificent Oriel window in the centre which is a representation of the Divine Lord, surrounded by a representation of the Pelican in the wilderness, the cross and Heart, the cross with the hammer and nails, the cross with the circle of thorns, with I.N.R.I; a representation of the undivided garment of Christ, the lamp of faith, and the lamb. This window was executed by Messrs Ferguson & Urie. It was the gift of Daniel Burke Esq the Warden of Westbury […]”.

“[…] Two stained glass windows with two lights being St Patrick and St Bridget and the other, The Annunciation – a gift from Mrs William Smith of Westbury and the Rev W.J Dunn vicar general. These windows were executed by Ferguson & Urie.[…]”

Photos taken 11th October 2010.

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See post 21-05-1874 for additional article about the Westbury windows.

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