10-07-1873: St. David’s Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania.

St David’s Church Hobart Town is being built with the nave, aisles and transepts completed.

The Illustrated Sydney News, 10th June 1873 and  Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, Melbourne, Friday 10th October 1873, page 170.


 “[…] The west elevation consists, in its lower stage, of a porch of no great projection, the front of which exhibits three arched openings. Above this is a noble Gothic window of five lights with decorated tracery in the head. This is filled with plain “cathedral glass” imported from Ferguson, Urie and Co., of Melbourne, as are the windows of the clerestory. Several of the windows of the aisles are filled with stained glass of English manufacture, presented in memoriam by friends of deceased persons.[…]”

The original plain five light west window has been replaced by a modern stained glass window by Joseph Stansfield (date unknown). The plain clerestory windows by Ferguson & Urie are all still original.

Photos taken: 7th Oct 2010 & 12th Aug 2012.

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