02-11-1872: St Andrews Church, Walkerville, South Australia.

Australian Town and Country Journal, Saturday 2nd November 1872, Page 9.& Empire, Sydney, Saturday 26th October 1872, page 2.

“A memorial stained glass window for the chancel of St. Andrews Church, Adelaide, has just been completed, says the Melbourne Age, by Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon. This work is to be placed in the church as a memento of the late Lady Edith Christian Fergusson, who died on the 28th October, 1871. Messrs. Ferguson and Co. have succeeded in producing a most creditable piece of workmanship. In the centre is placed the Saviour in the act of ascension; the clouds, a portion of Mount Olivet, and the figure give scope for some exquisite colouring. On one side of the central figure is St. Peter, and on the other side St. Andrew, with his cross. In the four corners are placed the four Evangelists, and on the top of all a dove is seen as if descending upon the central figure. At the foot of the window is placed the crest and monogram of the deceased lady. The memorial was to be sent on 22nd October to Adelaide, so that it may be in its place on the anniversary of the death of Lady Fergusson. The design for the work was forwarded by the Rev. Kent Hughes, the clergyman of the church.”

HISTORY WEEK SA, May 2010. TOUR GUIDE BOOK. St Andrews Church, 43 Church Terrace, Walkerville. Page 10.

“Window 10 – Above the main Altar
flank the figure of the ascending Jesus. Peter holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven and the gospel.  A Andrew [sic] as an old man is holding the cross on which he died. The cross is diagonal because Andrew would not be crucified in the same way as Jesus. This is the earliest window in the Church dating from 1873.
Inscription: “To the glory of God and the dear memory of the Lady Edith Christian Fergusson obit 28th October 1871”. She was a devoted churchwoman and wife of the Governor of South Australia, Sir James Fergusson.
Maker: Ferguson and Urie, Melbourne. Stonework designed by E.T. Woods architect for St. Peter’s Cathedral”.

Photos by Kerry Kroen 24th January 2012.

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