01-11-1921: The Lady Edith Fergusson memorial window at St. Andrew’s Church, Walkerville, South Australia.

The Register, Adelaide, Tuesday 1st November 1921, page 4.

“Fifty years ago, on October 28, 1871, there passed away the saintly and beautiful spirit of Lady Edith Fergusson, wife of the Governor of that name. She died at Glanville Hall, Semaphore, whither she had been taken for sea air. It was then owned and occupied by Capt. The Hon. John Hart, C.M.G., and now belongs to Mr. Magnus Waid. Lady Edith rests in the North Road Cemetery. The earliest painted window in St. Andrew’s, Walkerville, was raised to her memory in 1873. Mr. and Mrs. H. Kent Hughes presented the glass which was the work of Messrs. Urie & Ferguson, Melbourne. The woodwork was the gift of the congregation, and was designed by Mr. Woods, at that time architect of St. Peter’s Cathedral. A memorial window to Lady Edith is in the Cathedral itself. Lady Edith’s maiden name was Ramsay. Her father, the Marquis of Dalhousie, was Viceroy of India […]”

The remainder of the article is quite lengthy and describes many other historical events and information but not relevant to Ferguson & Urie.

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