31-05-1872: Mr. J. Loessel, Adelaide, South Australian agent for Ferguson & Urie.

South Australian Register, Adelaide, Friday 31st May 1872, page 5.

“STAINED WINDOWS.- We had an opportunity on Thursday of inspecting a fine specimen of stained glass windows of colonial manufacture, with a large number of additional designs. They are made by Ferguson & Co. of Melbourne, who have advertised the appointment of Mr. J. Loessel, King William-street, as their agent.”

The South Australian Advertiser, Adelaide, Friday 31st May 1872, page 2.

 “In our business columns Messrs. J. Loessel & Co. invite the attention of the Trustees of Churches and others to designs for stained glass windows which they have received from Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, & Lyon, glass stainers, North Melbourne. These designs, which may be seen at Mr. Loessel’s office, in King William-street, are very rich in character, and have time to time been made to order by Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, & Lyons for churches in Victoria. Persons who are contemplating the erection of memorial windows will do well to inspect these designs.”

 The South Australian Register, Adelaide, Tuesday 4th June 1872, page 1.

 “TO CLERGYMEN, CHURCH WARDENS, ARCHITECTS, AND OTHERS. The undersigned has on view, for a few days only, SAMPLE of QUALITY of GLASS and DESIGNS of CHANCEL, MEMORIAL, and other WINDOWS, manufactured by Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, and Lyons, Glass-Stainers, Melbourne, to which he respectfully invites attention. J. LOESSEL, Agent for South Australia. King William Street, May 30, 1872.”

LOESSEL Advert 1872

The level of success of Loessel as the South Australian agent for the firm is not known. As at 1st of March 2012 there are only eleven known locations in South Australia with extant Ferguson & Urie stained glass windows.


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