22-09-1870: The 1870 Sydney Intercolonial Exhibition.

At the 1870 Sydney Intercolonial Exhibition, Ferguson & Urie were recommended for a bronze medal for their samples of stained glass, but the judges inquire as to some authenticity that the work was actually crafted in the Victorian Colony.

The Argus, Melbourne, Thursday 22 September 1870, page 6.

 “… Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon have been recommended for a bronze medal for their very beautiful samples of stained glass. But there are two Sydney competitors in the same line, and the judges have intimated a wish that some sort of certificate had been forwarded guaranteeing that the alleged Victorian work was really done in Victoria. They have instituted a very close inquiry to ascertain whether the Sydney exhibits were really produced in New South Wales, but they have no means of prosecuting similar inquiries about the exhibits from other colonies…”

Evening News, Sydney, NSW, Tuesday 27th September 1870, page 4.

Exhibit “1471 Samples stained glass, Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon, Melbourne.”


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Example of a Bronze medal at the 1875 exhibition presented to Lyon & Cottier.


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