10-09-1870: All Saints Church Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland.

The Brisbane Courier, QLD, Monday 3rd October 1870, page 3.
(repeated in  The Brisbane Courier, QLD, Saturday 10th September 1870, page 5.)

 “A VERY handsome stained-glass east window has been presented to All Saints’ Church, Wickham-terrace, by Sir R. R. Mackenzie and other members of his family. The window is intended to commemorate the decease of the late Mr. Richard Jones, Mrs. Mary O’Connell, and Mr. John Stephen Ferriter. The work has been executed by Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon, of Melbourne. The window consists of what is technically termed seven lights, representing the Crucifixion, the Ascension, the Virgin, and Mary Magdalene. The work is beautifully executed, both as regards the excellence of the design and the richness of the colouring, and reflects great credit on all concerned in its manufacture. The window greatly adds to the beauty of the building, and is a gift well worthy of the donors, whose munificence will no doubt be appreciated by the congregation”

Photos taken 1st March 2011.

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The Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser, QLD, Wednesday 14th Sep1870, page 3.

“A HANDSOME stained glass window has been presented to All Saints’ Church, Brisbane, by Sir R. R. Mackenzie, and other members of his family. The window is intended as a memorial of the late Mr Richard Jones, Mrs Mary O’Connell, and Mr John Stephen Ferriter. The work has been executed by Messrs Ferguson, Urie, and Lyons [sic], of Melbourne”.

All Saints’ Church Brisbane 1862-1937 by D. L. Kissick B.A., page 30.

“The first anniversary of the dedication of the new church was kept on September 18th,the Bishop and the Rev. T. Jones being the preachers and the offertories being devoted to the building fund. At about this time the, beautiful east windows were put in place, for they were described in the “Courier” of October 3rd, 1870. They ‘were the gift of Sir Robert R Mackenzie, the Rev. T. Jones and. other members of the family of Mr. Richard Jones (father-in-law of the Rev. T. Jones), in memory of him, his daughter, Mrs. Mary O’Connell and Mr. John Stephen Ferriter. In. that famous Queensland poem by W. Wilks, “The Raid of the Aborigines,” Mr. John Stephen Ferriter is described under the name of “Justice Fairit of Tenthill,” a station originally owned by Mr. Richard Jones (“Merchant” Jones)”.

“The work was executed by Messrs. Ferguson, Uril [sic] and Lyons [sic] of Melbourne, the design and the richness of the colouring being excellent. The windows represents the Crucifixion with Mary Magdalene at the foot of the Cross, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John, the Ascension and the Holy Spirit. On October 11th the congregation passed a vote of thanks to the Rev. T. Jones and his family for this munificent gift and each generation of worshippers has had cause to bless the generosity of the donors as it has drawn inspiration from this work of art. These windows are probably the oldest stained glass in Queensland”.

There is also a mention of this window in the book “Australia’s Historic Stained Glass” by Beverley Sherry, page 98, which states .”This Crucifixion, rejected by a low church in Melbourne, was installed in 1870 at All Saints” but no evidence has been found to date to indicate which church in Melbourne rejected it.

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Biography: Sir Robert Ramsay Mackenzie 1811-1873.


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