03-09-1870: Sydney Intercolonial Exhibition 1870.

Australian Town and Country Journal, NSW, Saturday 3 September 1870, page 11.


 “..On the other side, near the principal front, are several painted windows, from Ferguson, Urie, and Lyon, of Melbourne. The first is a coat of arms, the crest being boars’ heads, with the motto “Dulcius ex asperis;” on the other side of the same window is the Royal Arms of England, the lion and the unicorn in a somewhat novel attitude. Between these are small lights representing Christ giving to St. Peter charge of his sheep, and over this the virgin crowned with stars. Further on is a larger light representing the charge to Peter; in this painting the sheep are represented with much art in the foreground and all the eleven apostles appear around and behind the Saviour.”

Note: “Dulcius ex asperis” is the Latin motto for the Scottish Clan Fergusson meaning: “Sweeter after difficulties”. There is also a depiction of the coat of arms with the same motto in an element of the Glenferrie window at the Melbourne Museum.
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