19-08-1870: Immaculate Conception Church, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

South Bourke Standard, Friday 19th August 1870. page 2.

“A meeting of the Catholics of Hawthorn was held in the church of the Immaculate Conception on Sunday last, for the purpose of alloting the eight stained glass windows to those parishioners who had volunteered subscriptions for their purchase. The Rev. Edward Nolan, S. J., occupied the chair, and the windows were alotted as follows:-1. “The Annunciation”, Hon. J. O’Shanassy, M.L.C.; 2. Marriage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, Robert Hepburn, Esq.; 3. Nativity, and Adoration of the Magi, Hon. M. O’Grady, M.L.A.; 4. The visitation, John McDonald, Esq.; 5. The flight into Egypt, Michael Lynch, Esq.; 6. The Carrying of the Cross, Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Norton; 7. Crucifixion, Wm. Henry Archer, Esq.; 8. Entombment and Taking Down from the Cross, Mrs. Conran, and Mrs. E. J. Prevot, per Hon . M. O’Grady. The reverend chairman received warm congratulations from his flock on his return from New Zealand invigorated with renewed health”.

The slideshow of the windows has been arranged in order as per below:

1.”The Annunciation“, Hon. J. O’Shannassy, M.L.C.
2.”The Marriage of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph“, Robert Hepburn, Esq.
3.”Nativity and Adoration of the Magi“, Hon. M. O’Grady, M.L.A.
4.”The Visitation“, John McDonald, Esq.
5. “The Flight into Egypt“, Michael Lynch, Esq. [1]
6. “The Carrying of the Cross“, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Norton  [2]
7. “Crucifixion“, Wm. Henry Archer, Esq
8. “Entombment and Taking Down from the Cross“, Mrs. Conran and Mrs. E.J. Prevot,, per Hon. M. O’Grady.

All eight windows were created by Ferguson & Urie. There are 42 photos in this slideshow showing various detailed close-ups. The links above (1 to 8) will display the main window image on it’s own.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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[1] Michael Lynch was the builder of Grace Park House in Hawthorn. In the 1860s he donated the land on the corner of Burwood road and Glenferrie road to the Catholic Church for the purpose of constructing the Immaculate Conception church. Inside the church are two memorials to the family, a small plaque the front of the church and the stained glass window “The Flight into Egypt” on the left as you go in the main entrance.

[2] The window “The Carrying of the Cross”, actually has the names Scott & Norton on it and not Walsh and Norton.

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