11-10-1869: Immaculate Conception, Grace-Park, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria.

The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 11th October 1869, page 5.

“The Opening of the Church of he Immaculate Conception, Grace-park, Hawthorn, took place yesterday forenoon. …”

 “… With the view of having the church ready for the ceremony of yesterday, some work had to be left undone. For instance, only the windows in the clerestory have been permanently filled in. They are filled in with stained glass having various emblems of the Virgin Mary, St Joseph and the Apostles. This is the work of Messrs Ferguson and Urie. The stained glass for the lower windows has yet to be filled in. It will be of a larger and more handsome pattern, and will represent different incidents in the life of Jesus…”

Photos taken 13th March 2011.

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Note: There is some confusion about this window. The window described as being by Ferguson & Urie above contains the Virgin Mary, St Joseph and the Apostles but it is obviously not installed as a clerestory window. The church has this great west window recorded as being by Mayer of Munich and installed in readiness for the church opening in October 1869 which also coincides with the article above. No ‘clerestory’ windows were identified with similar depictions.

The noticeboard just inside the church records the following information:

Immaculate Conception Church, Hawthorn, Noticeboard historical articles, 13th March 2011.


The large window at the back of the ICC is called the Ascension Window since it depicts this event. Mary and the eleven apostles are shown in the lower part of the window.(Mathias has not yet been been chosen to replace Judas). In the upper part of the window, angels welcome and escort the ascended Christ into heaven. It was made by Mayer of Munich (Germany). It represents the Ascension of Our Lord copied from a celebrated painting by the artist Raphael. The window was installed in the church in readiness for the opening in October 1869.”

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