06-08-1862: The Apollo Music Hall Shakespeare window.

The Argus, Melbourne, Wednesday 6th August 1862, page 5.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 1862. (1862, August 6). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic: 1848 – 1956), p. 4. Retrieved February 22, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article5719688

“A creditable specimen of art-manufacture has just been completed by Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, of Curzon street, North Melbourne, at the Apollo Concert Hall in this city. It is a stained glass window, in three compartments; the centre representing a full-length portrait of Shakespeare, copied from Roubillac’s faulty statue; and the side lights being filled with figures of Hamlet, Falstaff, Beatrice, and Lady Macbeth. The primary colours employed are brilliant and transparent; and the upper and lower portions of the central window, as well as its border, possess much merit both as regards design and colour; but the figures have been less successfully treated. That of Lady Macbeth is deformed, and resembles a washerwoman much more than the sublime sleep-walker. Hamlet and Beatrice appear to be portraits of John Kemble and Mrs. Mowatt respectively, and are less open to objection. But the skill of he artist is chiefly shown, as we have said, in the subordinate details of the window; and remembering the difficulties under which this art is pursued, even in Europe, owing to the nice proportions which require to be observed in the composition of the fluxes and the colouring matter, and the extreme care which has to be bestowed upon every stage of the process, the colonial manufacturers are to be complimented on the success which they have already achieved, and on the execution of a work which contains the promise of future excellence in the management of an intractable material and in the employment of delicate agencies”.

> Quite an amusing description of the window I must say!

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