16-07-1868: Cook’s Tailoring Establishment, Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

Henry Cook’s new Tailoring establishment in Elizabeth Street Hobart, near “Lord’s Buildings”, was opened 1868 and contained a Ferguson & Urie stained glass window in the show room.

The Mercury Hobart, Tasmania, Thursday 16th July 1868, page 3.

“… Mr Cook’s new tailoring establishment in Elizabeth-street, near Lord’s Buildings, has also been opened; two large houses and shops are converted into one place of business, and a pile of buildings at the rear has been razed, and a mansion erected on the site. Mr. Wiggins was the contractor for the new building, and Messrs. Jackson, Nicol, Martin, and Roberts were employed for the joinering work, cabinet making, and embellishment of the new business premises. A stained glass window in the show room is from the warehouse of Messrs. Ferguson, Urie, and Co, Melbourne. The premises are lighted with forty gas burners”

Henry Cook was elected as Mayor of Hobart in 1860-61. In 1868 he was appointed as Tailor[1] to H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh. On the 13th August 1869 he was in the position of acting Mayor of Hobart and was on that day elected as Mayor[2] until the end of the year. He was as also a Justice of the Peace, Churchwarden of St David’s, and the first president of The Benevolent Society of Hobart. There is also a monument dedicated to him at the Fern Tree Pipeline development.

Henry Cooks Tailoring shop was advertised as at 45 Elizabeth Street Hobart in the late 1850’s. The Hobart Post office is now on the site formerly known as “Lord’s Buildings”.

Nothing further is known about what was depicted in the stained glass window or whether it still exists anywhere.

The Mercury, Hobart, TAS, Monday 26th May 1890, page 3.


“…A few years after his arrival in Hobart, he commenced business as a tailor and woollen merchant, which line he has since followed with marked success. His first premises were at the corner of Collins and Elizabeth streets, the spot now occupied by the A.M.P. Society’s offices. Afterwards he removed higher up Elizabeth-street, between Liverpool and Bathurst streets, returning some 20 years ago to the premises in Elizabeth-street, now occupied by his firm.”

Henry Cook died on the 25th May 1890. His son, Henry Jnr, carried on the business “…in a shop which at one time stood on the present site of the Commonwealth Bank, and in 1912 the business was removed to 136 Collins-street, where it is presently conducted.” Henry Cook Jnr died aged 70 on the 17th July 1925.

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4 comments on “16-07-1868: Cook’s Tailoring Establishment, Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania.

    • That must be a fantastic family history item.

      Would you like to have a digital copy of it included with the article with attribution to you?


    • Glad you found my article Jill,
      These snips from history are remarkable and maintain my interest in our colonial history.

      Are there any photos of Henry in your family collections?


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