20-07-1867: St Jude’s Church, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The foundation stone of St Jude’s Anglican Church at Carlton was laid on the 18th October 1866 by Bishop Charles Perry.

The church was designed by architects Reed & Barnes and built by John Pigdon and it was officially opened on the 3rd March 1867.

Amongst the many historical artifacts in the church are the original liturgical east and west stained glass windows by the Ferguson & Urie stained glass company of North Melbourne.

Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, Saturday 20th July 1867, page 4.
(Repeated , Saturday 27th July 1867, page 4).


 “The foundation stone of St. Jude’s Church was laid by the Lord Bishop of Melbourne, on the 18th of October, 1866; and that portion of the building now erected was opened for public worship on the 3rd of March, 1867 …”

 “… The windows are glazed with Cathedral glass, and neatly bordered with stained glass. The chancel window, which is of beautiful proportions, is further ornamented with the emblems of Faith, Hope and Charity, chaste in design, brilliant in coloring, and effective in execution. The artists were Messrs Ferguson, Urie and Lyon, who obtained great credit at the recent Intercolonial Exhibition …”

Photos taken: 26th September 2010.

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The historic “Faith, Hope and Charity” window was restored in February 2009 by Geoffrey Wallace Stained glass at Caulfield.

In the early hours of Saturday 18th October 2014 a suspicious fire broke out at the liturgical east end of the church and a large portion of the historical 147 year old Ferguson & Urie “Faith, Hope and Charity” stained glass window was destroyed.

See Sky News report about the fire:

I went to Carlton on Sunday 19th for a look and it appears to me that something flammable has been thrown through the window or a heavy object first and then something flammable. As recently as 20th July 2014 I took a photo of the outside of the window which surprisingly did not have any external wire or perspex protection at all. If it did have protection then the vandals would probably have failed or not even attempted this mindless destruction in the first place.

A Chanel 7 news report on Sunday 19th indicated that two men had been questioned over the fire but have been released without charge.

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