02-05-1867: Presbyterian Church, William Street, West Melbourne

The Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser, Thursday 2nd May 1867, page 2.


“The new West Melbourne Presbyterian Church, at the corner of Lonsdale and William-streets, says the Herald, was opened yesterday[…]”

“… There are fourteen large beautifully stained glass windows, which, in addition to the ordinary devices, contain short texts of Scripture, in English, and towards the top of each is a stained glass ventilator, bearing severally as a design the rose, the thistle, the shamrock, and the burning bush, the emblem of the Church of Scotland. The windows, which are all the work of Messrs. Ferguson and Urie, of this city, cost £700.”

The West Melbourne Church was dismantled in 1935 and re-erected as St Andrew’s at Box Hill.
For a complete slideshow of the Ferguson & Urie windows, see: 27-04-1935: St. Andrew’s, Box Hill.

West Melbourne Presbyterian Church 1870-75

West Melbourne Presbyterian Church 1870-75 (in-line image to State Library NSW)

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