14-03-1867: Application for land in Curzon street, North Melbourne, Victoria.

The Argus, Melbourne, Thursday 14th March 1867, page 2S.

 James Ferguson and James Urie apply for transfer of an allotment of land in Curzon street Hotham adjoining their current Curzon street premises.


JAMES FERGUSON and JAMES URIE, each of Curzon-street, in the Borough of Hotham, plumbers and glaziers, have APPLIED to bring the land described at the foot hereof under the above statute; and the Commissioner of Titles has directed notice of the application to be advertised in “The Argus” newspaper, and has appointed fourteen days from such advertisement after which time the land will be brought under the operation of the statute, unless a caveat shall be lodged forbidding the same. Dated the 12th day of March, 1867.


Part of the Crown allotment 13, section 1, town of Melbourne, parish of Jika Jika, county of Bourke, commencing at a point 65 feet east from the south-west corner, thence further east 25 feet, thence north 58 feet, thence west by a road or way 90 feet, thence south by Curzon street 20 feet, thence east 65 feet, and thence south 20 feet to commencing point.

W. K. HUGHES, Registrar of Titles, Malleson and England, 24 Queen-street, applicant’s solicitors”.


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