19-12-1864: St. John’s Anglican Church, Digby, Victoria.

The Foundation Stone of St John’s was laid by the Rev. Francis Thomas Cusack Russell on the 19th April 1861 and was consecrated on the 21st January 1888.

Amongst the many historic artifacts in the church is the the three light Gothic stained glass window by Ferguson & Urie erected in 1864.

The Portland Guardian, Monday 19th December 1864, page 2.

I am able to congratulate the township of Digby upon the possession of three very handsome stained windows in St. John’s church The design is very neat and the appearance is peculiarly rich; the centre compartment contains a full length figure of St John and he side windows have the emblems of the Evangelists and also the “Agnus Dei;” the whole is in rich antique glass and was supplied by Messrs. Ferguson and Urie of Melbourne.”

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Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser, Vic, Monday 6th May 1867, page 2.


 “The most prominent feature in the township of Digby is the English Church, St. John’s, and the common school on the same reserve. The church is built of brick and is a remarkably chaste gothic. The interior is beautifully fitted up, and the east window of stained glass, is perhaps the most beautiful in design and execution of any in the Western district. The window is in three compartments, the centre with a well executed figure of the saint in flowing eastern drapery, with a book in one hand and candle-stick and candle in the other, with an eagle at his feet“

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